January 4, 2017


Benefits: Diabetic foot care cream
100% herbal all natural
Moisturizes, protects and soothes cracked feet.
Reduces itching and dryness.
Stops bacteria causing infection.
Relieves pain
Ingredients: Hemidesmus indicus 0.25%
Rubia cordifolia 0.25%
Boerhaavia diffusa 0.25%
Centella asiatica 0.25%
Berberis aristate 0.25%
Garcinia indica 4.5%
Shorea robusta 2.5%
Azadirachta indica 0.5%
Tankan bhasma 0.5%
Purified Sulphur 0.23%
Sesamum indicum 5.0%
Cocos nucifera 8.0%
Product Form Cream
Pack Size: 30 gm


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